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(H)Term 5
RPG year: September 2016

Hogwarts Express:Apr 4-Apr 6

(H)Term 5/(D)Term 3:Apr 7-May 24

Summer Break:May 25-May 29

Hogwarts Express:May 30-June 1

(H)Term 6/(D)Term 4: Hogwarts Term 1 Year 1 students graduate HogwartsJune 2-July 12

Summer Break:July 13-July 18

Hogwarts Express:July 19-July 20

(H)Term 7/(D)Term 5:July 21-Aug 23

Summer Break:Aug 24-Aug 29

Hogwarts Express:Aug 30-Aug 31

(H)Term 8/(D)Term 6:Sep 1-Oct 11

Summer Break:Oct 12-Oct 17

Hogwarts Express:Oct 18-Oct 19

(H)Term 9/(D)Term 7:Oct 20-Nov 29

Summer Break:Nov 30-Dec 5

Hogwarts Express:Dec 6-Dec 7

(H)Term 10/(D)Term 8:Dec 8-Dec 20

Winter Break:Dec 21-Dec 28

Hogwarts Express:Dec 29

(H)Term 11/(D)Term 9 Resume:Dec 29-Jan 17

Summer Break:Jan 18-Jan 23

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